Half Pallet Electronics Recycling Box - Serialized

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34" x 24" x 32"
Weight Limit:
Up to 360 lbs.
  • Recycling Boxes are delivered to desired customer location(s).
  • The price of the box is all inclusive:
    • Serialized Tracking Report by Make, Model and Serial Number
    • Recycling, packaging, and freight to/from customer location to the nearest ERI processing facility

Secure Recycling Solutions For Home, Offices & Remote Locations

ERI offers the only NAID, & e-Stewards certified secure at home box program with contactless delivery and pickup.

Secure. Contactless. Sustainable.

Home offices. Remote locations. Small number of assets. Thousands of stores. Every company has unique challenges when it comes to the responsible and secure disposition of IT and electronic assets. ERI’s technology recycling boxes are the only solution.

ERI offers the most comprehensive electronics mail back program available with 19 different box types with serialization options for five sizes of technology boxes. Labels, sealing tape, and freight to and from our customer’s location to the nearest ERI processing facility are included in the flat rate for ERI e-Recycling boxes. Simple and convenient with fully transparent tracking.

The boxes are shipped flat directly to you with an included return label. You can then assemble, fill, and return the boxes whenever is convenient for you with a simple call to our logistics partner, UPS.

The ERI e-Recycling boxes are available for technology (electronics & IT assets). Loose Batteries, Devices with Swollen Batteries and Lamps are prohibited and must NOT be included with the technology box.

ERI’s technology recycling boxes allow businesses and consumers to easily recycle their electronics from their homes or offices fast, safely, and easily without the inconvenience of ever leaving.

ERI’s box programs offer 100% contactless recycling of your old electronic devices.

  1. Easily order a small, medium, or large box from shop.ERIDirect.com.

  2. ERI and UPS will quickly deliver the box to your home or office.

  3. Fill the box with your unwanted electronic devices, seal it, and call UPS for pickup.

  4. UPS will pick up the box from your home or office.

  5. The box is delivered securely to ERI. Your data is safely destroyed and the devices are sustainably recycled with fully transparent tracking every step of the way.